Tuesday, August 6, 2019

In the Summertime When the Weather Is Hot...

...you can stretch right up and touch the sky. 
When the weather's fine,
You got marching, you got marching on your mind.
(apologies to Ray Dorset)

YES! Marching season is almost here! What should you be doing?

1. Drink water! It's really warm, and your body needs hydration. If you aren't a regular water drinker, start now. Drink at least four 8oz glasses per day. Work your way up to eight glasses.

2. Cut back on soda. Soda is dehydrating, And it's not good for you.

3. Especially cut back on energy drinks. They are very bad for you. Stop now, while you can.

4. Go - right now! - to the Listening Library and check out our fall music. It's so cool! And you need to be familiar with measures 1 - 81 before Band Camp begins. So listen to the mp3 and print out your parts. Not sure how to get to the Listening Library? Go to the THS Band Front Page on the sidebar - you'll find it there.

5. Go to the Marching Band FB page and check out the message from Irving. Not a member of the Marching Band FB group? You need to be - that is how we communicate. It's a closed group, so there is no need to be worried about creepers or anyone else who shouldn't be there. To find it, type "Tigard High School Marching Ensembles" in the Search bar at the top left. When you find us, ask to become a member and we will approve you. We will also approve your parental adult-type people. We will NOT approve your bestie, or your SO, or anyone else. It's for THS band business only. (There is also a Tigard Percussion group and a Tigard Color Guard group. If you fit in one of those categories, join that group too.)

6. Do some physical workouts. Walking, running, stretching. Marching is a very physical activity, and you want to be ready.  

We've got one week before we begin - let's go!


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