Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's no mystery - we're planning FALL MARCHING ENSEMBLE !! Is YOUR name on the list?!?

Hey friends, Mystery Cat wants you to check out the list below if you're planning on being a part of the award-winning 2013 THS Fall Marching Ensemble - that's horns, guard, pit, and marching percussion. 

Is your name NOT on the list? Then send an email to McKee RIGHT AWAY with your name, grade, and instrument/section, so that we know what's up when we're writing drill and music! And if you're not sure, go ahead and sign up anyway - it's SOOOO MUCH FUN! Doooo it...

Brooke A
Janie A
Sam A
Emily B
Cameron B
Michael B
Jessica C
Jeffery C
William C
Lily C
Jennifer D
Parker E
Gabe E
Dan F
Hugh F
Jacob F
Cynthia F
Jeff F
Lizzy G
Gabi G
Britta H
Kayla K
Evan K
Rebekka K
Jacob L
Victoria L
Tracy M
McKenzie M
Sabrina M
Sean M
Rennie M
Drew O
Julie O
Manshi P
Keaton P
Shaun R
Jay R
Rose R
Bennett S
Alex S
Austin S
Don-E T
Ethan T
Jo U
McKenna W
Gabby W
Tyler W

Here's some more!!

Patrick H
Michaela G
Eddie B
Conner A
Zea P
Wendy M