Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Westview Winter Classic!

Westview Winter Classic
Saturday March 24, 2012
6:30 pm               Load equipment truck – THS

8:30 am               Arrive THS – check for last-minute items/issues
9:00 am               Load bus – leave
9:30 am               Arrive Westview High School – unload trailer and set up garage (quickly!). Warm up when set up
10:09 am              WG warmup
10:33 am              WG Showtime!
11:13 am              Watch Summit Winterguard!
11:21 pm              Color Guard Prelims Conclude
12:26 pm              Cadet Showtime!         
1:45 pm               WDL Showtime!
3:20 pm               Watch OCI!
3:31 pm               Percussion Prelims Conclude
4:00 pm               Linner! Great linner may be purchased from the Band Boosters for $6 – what a deal!
5:50/6:15             WG Finals Showtime!
6:41 pm               Watch Summit Winterguard!
6:50 pm               Watch STARS!
7:00 pm               Color Guard Awards!
After 7:15            Cadet Finals Showtime!
After 9:00            WDL Finals Showtime!
After                  Load quickly    
10:40 pm              Watch OCI!
10:55 pm              Percussion Awards!
11:30ish               Leave – head home
Midnight-ish          Arrive THS – unload and go home!

Directions to Westview High School:
  • Hwy 217 North to Hwy 26 – head Westbound
  • Travel approx 4 ¾ miles – take 185th Ave. - Exit 64
  • Turn RIGHT at the top of the ramp
  • Travel approx. ½ mile - Westview High School is on the RIGHT

Remember, you come with the group, stay with the group,
and go home with the group. No going off-site for any purpose.