Monday, June 29, 2015

And Now, On To The Next Big Thing!

Balloon Festival 2015 is over, and what a hot, hot, HOT event it was! The Tigard High Band program contributed close to 300 hours of volunteer work this year, and did a great job (as usual). Watch this space toward the end of July to see the final tally of hours worked and how we'll be crediting student accounts this year.

Meanwhile, it's time for Fireworks! No rest for the weary, and We. Are. Weary. I know, right?

The link for the Fireworks signup is on the sidebar. Make sure you know when YOU work, and if you find that something has come up and you can't fill your shift, YOU MUST find someone else to take your place. There is no one able to find a sub for you except in the event of a true emergency (hospitalization or death are really the only excuses). So do the right thing and make sure your shift is covered.

Remember, working 9 hours will provide a $50 discount against Category A fees (those in the Fall Competitive Marching Band and Color Guard) and working 3 hours will provide a $15 discount against Category B fees (those in any/all other bands). And we encourage everyone to work additional hours, to help the program in general.  :)

Now, let's go make some money!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Balloon Festival Is Here! Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen!

All right folks, the big buildup is over - Balloon Fest starts in less than 15 hours! Here's what you need to know, so please read carefully:
  • Check out the schedules on the right sidebar and note when you work. Set an alarm for each shift, so that you don't oversleep or forget. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes BEFORE your shift begins.
  • Look at the Balloon Fest Site Map at the top of the sidebar and note where the Band Trailer is located. You MUST come to the Band Trailer at the beginning of your shift - that is where you check in, and if you don't come to the Band Trailer, we won't know that you're here. That will cause great concern and upset. We do not want to be concerned and upset.
  • The Balloon Fest Site Map will also show you where the three Soccer Concessions stand are located, and the stars indicate the locations of the Security Monitor stations. 
  • If you are being dropped off for your shift, your driver may (POLITELY!) let the Parking Monitor on 92nd know that they are just going down to drop you off. They may pull over by Millen Street to let you out, and then turn around.
  • We have a very limited number of parking places in the lot in front of THS for volunteers to park. If you must drive, let the Security Monitor at the school entrance know you are working and they will let you in. Please park in the very front, where the office folks usually park.
  • When you finish your shift, you MUST return to the Band Trailer to sign out. If you do not sign out, you will not get credit for your shift. Sadness.
  • AND, remember it will be very VERY HOT for the next three days. Sunscreen is a must - getting burned in this type of weather will make you very sick. You need to bring plenty of water and wear clothing that will provide shade - hats are strongly recommended.  And make sure you hydrate really well for the remainder of today, as well as the whole weekend. 
  •  Did you read all the way to the end? If so, you get a prize! Yay! Ask for it when you check in at the Band Trailer! 


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hi folks -

We're less than 36 hours from the start of Balloon Fest, and it's time to make sure everything is ready. We've covered most of the shifts, with a few to fill in here and there. But we have one huge problem. Saturday.

Saturday from 1-6 there is only 1 adult signed up - we MUST have 2 more. We are also missing 3 students from 1-6, 2 from 6-10, and 1 from 7-11. Of those, we MUST have all 3 during the 1-6 timeslot (lots will be happening), and at least 1 more from 6-10. It would be best, of course, to have all the spots filled.

Please, take a look at the Balloon Fest Security - Sat 6/27  page on the right side of the Forum and see what you can do to help. We have a contract with the Balloon Festival that we must fulfill, so please do what you can.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Balloon Festival Is Coming!

Now that school is coming to a quick close, it's time to get serious about Balloon Festival signups. We have a binding contract with the Balloon Festival to provide security monitors all three days, and we also are the sole food concessionaire for the Balloon Fest 6-on-6 Soccer Tournament - yay!
So that means our Number One #1 First obligation is to fill the Security spots.
Then, we need to get those Soccer slots filled.
Want to sign up? Look at the pages on the sidebar, and then
Email McKee RIGHT NOW!
First come, first served. And remember, adults MAY work in a student slot. Students MAY NOT work in an Adult slot.