Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter Break BBX Tourney Concessions - Monday and Tuesday!

BBX Tourney Concessions - Snacks and Drinks Only!!

Here's who's working Monday December 29:
Students: McKenzie Mc; Evan K; Emmet M; Jacob R
Adult: Diana M
3:30 - 8 ish PM.

Now, about Tuesday. The only person signed up right now is Julia P. This is a bit problematic - we need at least one other student and one adult. Same hours as Monday. Who is willing to come work? There may be a little added incentive, since it's in the middle of the break and no one is super-excited to come and do school-type things during the break. So, who's in? It can even be a shifting of someone from Monday to Tuesday. Hurry - this needs to be decided right away!  No, really - TONIGHT.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Handbells - YOU Should Come!

Come join us for festive and fun Christmas music, including handbells - with many musicians you may know: Eryn, Liz, Phil (yes, THAT Phil), and me, along with our other most excellent musician friends!
We'll be at Newberg Friends Church, a friendly and casual place with gathering times of 5, 6:30, and 8 pm tonight - come join us!
Click here for directions - it's only 20 minutes from Tigard. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

We're In the Home Stretch!

What happens at the end of this week? Winter Break! Whoo hoo! But don't slack off yet - there's work to be done!

What's happening this week?
  • Wednesday 12/17 - MANDATORY REHEARSAL FOR ALL BAND KIDS! 3-5pm.
  • Thursday 12/18 - Winter Concert. 
    • Call time - 6:30
    • Symphonic - Black bottoms, white tops. Neutral undergarments, please. Men, long-sleeved shirts w/ nice tie. Women, white top w/ sleeves, black pants or skirt (below knees when seated). 
    • Wind Ensemble - Blacks.
    • Jazz and Percussion - Black, black, black, and black. 
    • Those in more than one group may stay in their 1st outfit. Or change, if time allows. Your choice.

 How about other rehearsals?
  • M/W - WG rehearsal 3:30 - 7:30
  • T - WDL rehearsal 5 - 9
  • M - Cadet Try-It-Outs! 4:30  - 6:30

And, here is the concessions info:
  • Tuesday 12/16 -GBX vs St Mary's - Students: Harsha R; Jo U; Britta H; Elijah S   Adults: Karen I
  • Friday 12/19 - GBX vs Silverton - Students: Ben S; Laurel S; Sabrina S; McKenzie H Adults: Pam S; Lauri S


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Whew - Maybe Now We Can Slow Down a Little!

What a busy few days we've had: three days in a row to start our GBX/BBX concessions season, Craft Fair, and Championship Football - wow! Nice job, folks. 

So here's what's on tap for this week:
  • M/W - WG rehearsal 3:30 - 7:30 (Note: Monday's rehearsal is in the Commons)
  • T/TH - WDL rehearsal 5 - 9

Also, here is the concessions info:
  • Tuesday 12/9 -  GBX vs Sheldon - Students: Sabrina McK; Sean McK; Victoria L; Makenzie D
    Adults: Debbie McB; Caroline D 5-9ish
  • Friday 12/12  - BBX vs Madison - Students: Ella O; Abbi R; Michaela G; Rennie McV
    Adults: Nancy G 5-9ish

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday 12/5 Update - IMPORTANT!!

VERY important things to know:
  • We are still in need of filling very crucial Craft Fair spots. Which ones?
    • Four are still needed TODAY for setup  - 3:30 - 5:30pm
    • Two are still needed Saturday for cleanup - 3 - 5pm
Here's how to sign up:
1.  Click on this link right here
2.  Enter your email address and confirm.  Press "NEXT"
3.  The available "spots" will be displayed.  Look for Friday Set-up and Vendor Assist - Take Down. Press "SIGN UP"
  •  BBX Concessions workers for tonight (we will begin setup at 4pm)
    • Students: Miles W; Matt W; Ben B; Karum A 
    • Adults: Danica W; Andrea B
  • Championship Football Pep Band! Saturday!
    • Call time is 11am
    • Gametime temperature forecast is low 50s
    • Nifty sandwiches will be provided (yay!)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday December 4 Update and News

Hello! Several things that are important to know:
  • BBX Concessions workers for tonight: 
    • Students: Patrick H; Jake F; Parker E; Drew O; Annika C
      Adults: Annika's Mom
    • We will begin setup at 4pm
  • Pep Assembly band for tomorrow (Friday AM):
    • Bring/wear pep shirt and instrument
    • Come to the band room at 8:30 - your 1st period teacher will know this is ok
  • Craft Fair Setup for Friday:
    •  If you are part of the setup crew, please check you communication from Christina Venturini and follow her instructions
    • Come with a good attitude and a strong willingness to do what is needed

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Time For GBX/BBX Concessions!

This week we begin the 2014-15 GBX/BBX Concessions fundraiser. We are the sole basketball concessionaire at Tigard High, and each student who is associated with our program (including MB, WDL, and WG) is required to work at least one evening. All proceeds fund the general band program. Signups were first made available at the November Band Booster meeting and have been outside Irving and McKee's office ever since. So far, this week's shifts are posted on the sidebar at - the rest will go up by the end of the week. To see the details of any shift, click on the title of the game and you'll see who is scheduled.

At least one adult is required by school administration and band policy to be present for each shift. This is a safety requirement; students are dealing with money and food preparation and adult supervision is essential. Right now, we have three shifts this week, and we need to have an adult step up to work Thursday December 4. There are clear directions posted for operating and running the stand, and McKee will be there at the beginning to answer your questions. Please email McKee below right away if you can do this - if we don't have an adult, we will not be able to open, which will cause us to lose several hundred dollars and possibly put our contract with the Athletic Program in jeopardy. The nice thing about doing it this week? You'll get it out of the way for the year! Yay!

Can YOU be the one to help this Thursday? Click on the link below and sign up!  :)

Email McKee