Sunday, January 29, 2023


OK friends, it's RhythmFest Week! Things are almost ready, but we still need some help! Please check your email for the SignUp link, and to see especially what ADULT spots need to be filled (share that info with your adults).

Here's the schedule for the day:


ParticipantClassReady TimePerformance Time
Clinic Start

9:00 AM
Grants Pass JR Royalettes
8:50 AM9:00 AM
West Salem Cadet
9:08 AM9:18 AM
Glencoe Youth Cadet
9:26 AM9:36 AM
9:44 AM9:54 AM
10:02 AM10:12 AM
10:20 AM10:30 AM
Grants Pass JV Royalettes
10:38 AM10:48 AM
10:56 AM11:06 AM
St Helens
11:14 AM11:24 AM
South Albany JV
11:32 AM11:42 AM
11:50 AM12:00 PM
12:08 PM12:18 PM
Glencoe Youth JV
12:26 PM12:36 PM
Southridge Beaverton
12:44 PM12:54 PM
Grants Pass Varsity Royalettes
1:02 PM1:12 PM
South Albany Varsity
1:20 PM1:30 PM
Century Varsity
1:38 PM1:48 PM
Westview Winterguard
1:56 PM2:06 PM
West Salem Winterguard
2:14 PM2:24 PM
Sherwood Winterguard
2:32 PM2:42 PM
2:50 PM3:00 PM
Glencoe Varsity
3:08 PM3:18 PM
3:26 PM3:36 PM
3:44 PM3:54 PM


ParticipantClassReady TimePerformance Time
Finals Start

5:30 PM
Glencoe Youth Minis
5:20 PM5:30 PM
AlohaRA5:25 PM5:35 PM
Grants Pass CadetCadet5:32 PM5:42 PM
W Salem CadetCadet5:39 PM5:49 PM
CraterRA5:46 PM5:56 PM
LibertyRA5:53 PM6:03 PM
Grants PassRA6:00 PM6:10 PM
SheldonRA6:07 PM6:17 PM
St HelensRA6:14 PM6:24 PM
South AlbanyRA6:21 PM6:31 PM
TigardRA6:28 PM6:38 PM
SpragueRA6:35 PM6:45 PM
Glencoe JVRA6:42 PM6:52 PM
Beaverton STARS
6:49 PM6:59 PM
6:59 PM7:09 PM
Grants PassSAA7:09 PM7:19 PM
Southridge BeavertonSAA7:17 PM7:27 PM
CenturySAA7:25 PM7:35 PM
South AlbanySAA7:33 PM7:43 PM
WestviewSAA7:41 PM7:51 PM
West SalemSAA7:49 PM7:59 PM
SherwoodSAA7:57 PM8:07 PM
MountainsideSAA8:05 PM8:15 PM
GlencoeSA8:13 PM8:23 PM
CascadiaIA8:21 PM8:31 PM
PacificairesIA8:29 PM8:39 PM
Awards Retreat (Captains Only)
9:05 PM9:15 PM



Sunday, October 30, 2022


Hey Band! (hey, what??) IT’S CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!

Here’s the basic information you need to know (full show schedule will be finalized and published later this week):

·      ** We have 2 rehearsals left – Monday Oct. 31 and Wednesday Nov. 2. Attendance is essential. No coming late, no leaving early. (BTW, school-appropriate Halloween costumes are welcome on Monday, as long as they don't get in the way of what you need to do for rehearsal!)

·      ** The 2022 NWAPA Championships will take place at Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon.

·      ** We will be leaving for Eugene/Springfield Friday evening, around 9pm. We’ll pick up our Tualatin friends on the way.

·      ** We will be staying at the Comfort Suites Riverbend in Springfield, traveling to and from Eugene/Springfield by STA, the TTSD contracted bus company.

·     **  Breakfast is included at the hotel. Lunch will be at selected area restaurants and dinner will be available at Autzen Stadium concessions. Snacky food will be available at the band equipment trailer after Prelims award announcements – thanks, Band Boosters! Ensemble members are welcome and encouraged to pack snacks, sandwiches, etc. for eating throughout the day/evening. Any student who needs assistance with meal purchases should talk to McKee - we can totally take care of things.

·      ** TTSD policy requires all students traveling on an overnight trip take a rapid COVID test, with a negative result. Tests will be provided to all students at the Wednesday rehearsal and must be completed before Friday. CLICK HERE to go to the form.


A short narrative: Realistically, Tigard will probably not be performing in Finals at Championships. Only 15 bands will qualify – the winner in each class (AAAA, AAA, AA, and A), and then the next 11 scores. We should assume all AAAA and AAA bands will qualify, which total 10 bands. Add in the winner in AA and A and there are 3 slots left. Will we score higher than S. Albany again? Probably. Are there any other AA bands we might outscore? Possibly, but there are 10 AA bands, and the likelihood of us outscoring 8 of them is not realistic. So, to qualify for Finals we would need to take 1st place in A, and we were a full 7 points behind Aloha on Saturday, and that difference would be very difficult to overcome. Could we do it? Maybe! So, let’s make sure that our performance in Prelims is as full of energy and as excellent as we can make it. Let’s do this!  



Monday, October 24, 2022

Two Down - Two to Go!

The Liberty Marching Arts Challenge was fun and performing at Hillsboro Stadium is great! AND,

  • Moving up 2.5 points in Finals! Yay!

So now it's time to go to the giant show - the Century Showcase. Why is it giant? Because everything is bigger with Century!

Here's what's up:

  •  Our rehearsal schedule has been updated for this week.
    • Monday and Wednesday, as usual.
    • FRIDAY REHEARSAL! 5-6:30 pm. PLEASE make arrangements to be there! If it's impossible for you, make sure to talk directly with McKee.
  • Check out the sidebar for the show day schedule. You'll see some changes, including when we eat what. 
  • Also check out the "Important Information" page, right under the schedule. And "Smart Band Students", again.
  • Make sure to pack lots of warm and dry clothes. The forecast is predicting wetter and cooler weather than last week.
  • Also, this is a good show to bring extra snax and money for concessions. There will be 20 performance groups (!), so it will be a long day. 

Also, we will have 10 admissions available for half-price. If someone from YOUR family wants some, have them contact McKee as soon as possible.


Let's goooooo! 


Sunday, October 16, 2022

We've Done One - Now Let's Go Again!

Now that we've been to a show (thanks, Sherwood friends!), we know what to expect. Yay! As we get ready for the Liberty competition, there are some very important things to do and to know:

  • EVERYONE needs to come to rehearsal. The success of the ensemble depends on it.
    • "But McKee - what if I'm behind on my schoolwork? Isn't that more important??"
    • Homework is neither more nor less important than rehearsal. If you are behind, there are things Irving and McKee can do to help you get caught up. Let us know, and we'll help you out. Really - it's what we do. 
  • As the weather is changing, make sure to bring layers to rehearsal - it's getting cooler in the evening.
  • Remember to eat well and to drink plenty of water and other healthy beverages. And get some good sleep
  • Read the information on the sidebar that is important for MB students. There is at least one document none of you has read this year. (How do we know? Oh, WE know.)
  • And remember that we have that special performance on Sunday Oct. 23 - our Happy Happy Birthday parade for Dr. Helen Benscheidt, a long-time educator and resident of Summerfield.
It's Show Week! Let's do this!  


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Homecoming Week Is Here!

Hey Band! (hey what??)

Homecoming week is a VERY full week for us. Here's what to look for:

  • Monday - Our LAST chance to get on the field in rehearsal before our next show. You MUST be present and ready to do more good work.
  • Tuesday - Please use your time to do homework and get/stay caught up.
  • Wednesday - Rehearsal. You MUST be present and ready to do more good work. Including preparing for a parade.
  • Thursday - Please use your time to do homework and get/stay caught up.
  • Friday - SO MUCH HAPPENING! Details to come...
    • Parade
    • Dinner with Fowler guests
    • FB game, including halftime show
    • Loading after the game
  • Saturday - SHOW DAY!! Details on the sidebar!

So, take good care of yourself and be ready for a big week!





Sunday, September 18, 2022

It's Show Week!!

Hey Band! (hey, what??)

The first presentation of our show is THIS WEEK - yay! Here are the details:

  • We have 2 rehearsals before we perform. You MUST make these a priority.
  • It is imperative that you eat well, hydrate well, and have a good sleep pattern this week.
  • On Wednesday, we will work on Friday's performance, including practicing how to get on and off the field.
  • You need to drink water. Lots of water. All week.
  • You need to plan what your nutrition will be on Friday, between the end of the school day and when we arrive.
  • And you need to drink water. Every day. All day. (I might have mentioned that before...)

 Let's do this!! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Welcome Back!

Hey Band! (hey, what??)

It's time to get back to school - yay! Freshmen are here Tuesday and everybody else will be here beginning Wednesday. And for those of you in MB, remember that we are back in rehearsal Wednesday evening at 5pm, so bring along a good and healthy snack for after school.

See you all soon!