Thursday, January 7, 2021


Time to collect those cans and bottles! We need you this Saturday, for just a couple of hours. CLICK HERE to sign up, and I'll see you then!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday, August 21, 2020

Saturday Garage Sale Information

We had a great garage sale opening day today, with over 300 people coming through. Yay! Our second day is Saturday, and we're expecting even more customers - I mean, Saturday, right?? 

And WE NEED YOU! Please, CLICK HERE and sign up to come help. We especially need folks to help set up (7-9 am - and then you get food!!) and clean up (3-4 pm). And there are shifts in between. So let's make some money!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

It’s time for the annual Tigard High Band Booster Garage Sale!

So we can’t rehearse right now, and we can’t perform right now, but we CAN raise money so that we’re ready to go when restrictions are lifted! And the Band Boosters have everything ready to go.

It’s happening THIS WEEK, Friday and Saturday August 21 and 22. You KNOW you want to help, so here’s how:

  • Any and all band adults - current and former - are welcome and needed. Band students may also help, but must sign up and work with their adult – COVID rules. Band graduates are considered adults.
  • Setup begins at 7am Friday morning. Want to set things up? We’ll provide breakfast afterward. And we can probably do the same for Saturday setup!
  • Everyone who is involved in any aspect of setting up, working at the sale, cleaning up, etc MUST wear a mask (properly) at all times and maintain a minimum 6’ distance from all others who are not members of their immediate family. No hugs, no high fives, etc. Workers will also wear disposable gloves. 
  • The church will allow us to use a designated restroom but it will have to be sanitized after each use. There will be three times through the day that the church will be open for workers to use the restroom.
It's incredibly important that the Band Boosters have enough help to make this garage sale a success. We usually have the Marching Band do the setup on Friday, so this is going to be challenging. Please, arrange your calendar so that YOU can help. And we're not asking anyone to do anything we're not willing to do - I arranged to have someone else cover my Packed with Pride distribution shift on Friday so that I can spend the day at the sale. Not tooting my horn here - just showing that it can be done.

CLICK HERE to sign up. And feel free to sign up for multiple shifts. 

Let's do this!  

PS - We need LOTS of folding tables. Do YOU have some that are available? CLICK HERE to send an email with the details.