Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Business Days - coming to a school near you!

Back to School Business Days begin tomorrow (Tuesday) - Juniors at 9am and Sophomores at 12:30. [And yes, Seniors at 9am and Freshmen at 12:30pm on Thursday).
"But - but - McKee, that's right in the middle of Marching Band rehearsal! What will we do? I'm so confused!"

No worries, my fine young friends - we will make sure that you are able to take care of your school business AND rehearse. Yay! The nice office folks are willing to let each of our respective class MB groups step to the front of the line (provided you are ready to go BEFORE the appointed time). Your job? Once you begin the process, you MUST complete things very quickly and with all deliberate haste, so you can then return to rehearsal. And remember, you already have a locker, so no need to stand in THAT line. 

Oh, and what about PSAT fees? Well, we will be in Eugene on the PSAT Saturday, so you will NOT be taking it at Tigard. Instead, we will partner with a local private school and our MB testers take the PSAT on Wednesday October 17 with their students. So DO NOT PAY PSAT FEES TO TIGARD HIGH! We will collect that fee separately to pay the kind folks who are helping us out. More complete information should come your way later this week.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Minute Picnic News - Yikes!

Hello, fine Band Parent-types!

Tomorrow evening is the famous Tigard High Band Picnic - yay!
This is a family event that everyone will enjoy!

You'll get to find out what's happening this year, all the straight band information, and hear a special pre-season mini-concert! The treasurers will have Student Band Account information for you and will be set up to collect fees. There will also be the opportunity to order Band spirit gear.

We're providing hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks. We need YOU to bring chips/veggies and dip, or a salad, or a dessert. And since this notice is soooo late [so sorry], YOU can decide which would be best for you to bring. :D

Please, please, PLEASE plan to come to the Band Picnic - Friday August 24 at Tigard High School. We'll be outdoors - you may want to bring camp chairs or a blanket to sit on. Mini-concert begins at 6pm!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Were Hoping For $5...

We never know each year when we go into the Balloon Festival events just how much revenue will be generated. The conversation goes something like this: "Well, we HOPE to be able to credit $5 per hour volunteered - we'll see how things go this year". Well folks, the final numbers are in, and the amount credited for each recorded hour is (drumroll, please)...

$5 - YAY!

"Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen, 
the clouded sky is now serene!" 
(Bonus points to those who know the musical reference...)

So when YOU want to use any or all of the amount that has been credited to YOUR student account - to buy a tuner, purchase guard equipment, or 

**ahem** PAY BAND FEES **ahem**, 

YOU must complete a transfer form and deposit it to the Black Box. This step is essential - nothing happens to YOUR account until and unless YOU submit that transfer form. 

And when YOU are prioritizing how to use those student account funds, may we please remind everyone that the BAND FEES are used to pay the bills, so that we can all run our fabulous Jazz, Concert, Symphonic, Wind, Marching, WG, and WDL programs. 

Carry on...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fireworks Reward Party!

Did YOU work at either Fireworks Booth? Were you in charge? Did you help by selling, or setting up, or putting things away, or depositing the money?  Then YOU are invited to a celebratory Fireworks Reward Party at McKee's house! It's a BBQ - and there's even swimming for those who wish! Tuesday August 21, beginning at 6pm. Can't get there by 6? That's ok - come when you can! Please send an RSVP email to this link so that we can plan properly - no running out of food here!

And BTW, this is truly for those who worked. Those who didn't help (your joined-at-the-hip bestie, your boy/girlfriend, etc) will have to find something else to do that evening. And if they are sad about not coming, remind them that they too can work Fireworks - next year!

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's What You've Been Waiting For!

Did YOU work at the Balloon Festival? Did someone work on your behalf? Check out the pages on the sidebar (Monitors and/or Soccer Concessions) and check the YELLOW Grand Total figures to make sure everything adds up the way it should. Corrections? Follow the instructions on the page!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fall Information - already?!?

Hear ye, hear ye!
Band camp is coming in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!!! YAY!
Make sure to check out the schedules on the sidebar, and update your calendar.
See you soon...