Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tigard Keeps Going, and Going, and Going!

Wow - what a great football game at West Linn! Unless you're a WL fan, and then you probably don't agree...  

So now it's on to the Semifinals! Here's the 411:
  • Semifinals will be played on Black Friday, November  24
  • Game time is noon, at Hillsboro Stadium
  • Opponent is Clackamas 
  • Call time is 10:30 am at THS
  • Buses will transport to and from
    • Will you be out near Hillsboro Stadium that morning? Email McKee to discuss how you could arrive directly
  • We will pep, pep, pep! (And this time, we will have seats and be under cover - yay!)
"But McKee, it's Black Friday and I HAVE TO SHOP!!!"

Hey, I have to shop too! And the great thing is that stores open VERY EARLY and you'll have plenty of time to get those half-price socks at Fred Meyer and whatever else is important to you and still come and pep. Why? Because we're the band, and that's what we do!!

When will we be done? Probably around 2:30ish, with a return time to THS around 3:30. WHICH LEAVES PLENTY OF TIME FOR MORE SHOPPING!! AND LEFTOVERS! AND HOLIDAY MOVIE-WATCHING!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Time To Celebrate! And Other Important Things...

It's been an amazing Marching Band season (can you say Six-Peat?!) and we're going to celebrate at the November Band Boosters meeting this coming Wednesday. Come to the regularly scheduled meeting to be part of it all!
  • Band Booster meeting is Wednesday 11/15, 7 PM, THS Library
  • We'll celebrate the 2017 Marching Band 
  • We'll accept the November Disney payments
  • We'll talk about the Craft Fair
Also, our Tigard Tiger football team continues to win - yay! The next game is this Friday at West Linn, so it's time for a road trip! 
  • Call time is 5 PM
  • Dress is WARM and WATER PROOF
  • If you CAN'T come (as in, you're meeting with Governor Brown and it is too late to cancel), PLEASE CLICK HERE to email McKee so that we know what our instrumentation looks like, and tell Irving IN PERSON why you can't be there.
 Yay Band!  


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's Championship Week!

So many things happening this week! Check it out:
  • Wednesday Nov.1 - Final MB rehearsal of the season. 
  • Friday Nov. 3 
    • Veteran's Assembly - Irving has the info
    • Playoff football - 5:30 call for MB, 6pm call for pep
    • After FB - MB leaves for Eugene/Springfield
  • Saturday Nov. 4 - NWAPA Championships at Autzen Stadium in Eugene
 What can YOU do to make it even better than it sounds? 
  • Be smart about rest
  • Be smart about nutrition
  • Be smart about school
  • Have a good time!