Monday, July 14, 2014

Balloon Festival Numbers - Yay!

OK friends, it's time to figure out how many hours were volunteered by everyone at the incredibly successful 2014 Balloon Fest! Check the attached spreadsheet and look at what is recorded. If you see something that is amiss, email McKee and provide the correct information. We do need clarification from Nancy and Michaela G on which person was there which hours ( it wasn't clear on the signin sheet) and we need to know who participated in Concessions Takedown with Irving, so those figures can be added in. We should know soon what our total $$ amount is, from the combination of the security monitor contract with the fine Balloon Festival folks and our soccer concessions net total. Once we have that number, we'll see what the final $$/hour amount will be applied to student accounts. Yay!

Click here to see the spreadsheet

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Can and Bottle Drive - Almost Complete!!

We're almost done with the Spring 2014 Can and Bottle Drive - yay! 
To finish the project, we need 2-3 adults to help Monday and Tuesday, and an adult to help Wednesday. Here are the details:

1. Monday July 14: We need a couple of small SUVs (or one van) with seats removed, to go to the Reddicks' home to load up 50 cases each with boxed bottles. We'll load the Reddicks' van too. Can YOU provide the vehicle(s)? Please contact Kathy Reddicks at to arrange for the best time to load.

2. Tuesday July 15: Loaded vehicles meet at THS at 8:45am, to travel to the can/bottle warehouse in Northwest Portland. Afterwards, return to the Reddicks' home and help load the remaining 100 cases into Reddicks' van. Everyone should be done by 11:00-ish.

3. Wednesday July 16: 1 adult meet Kathy Reddicks to ride in to Northwest Portland to help unload her van at the can/bottle warehouse. Again, email Kathy to volunteer.

And that will wrap it up!

Take a look at your schedule and see if YOU can help with this final can/bottle push, and let's get this done.