Saturday, November 24, 2012

Basketball Concessions!

Wow - it's already time for basketball season! This is a great thing for us, because we are the food concessionaires for THS Basketball - yay! 

Here's how it works:
  • Every student who is part of a Tigard High Band performing ensemble is required to work concessions at least once during the basketball season. Students who enjoy concessions work may work more than one shift, but may not sign up for additional shifts until everyone has signed up once. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to work more than one shift.
  • Parent-types are needed at each concession event. One is OK - two are better.
  • Games are on Tuesdays and Fridays, with two Wednesday games at the beginning of the season. Shifts typically begin at 5pm and finish around 9ish.
  • McKee opens each concession event.  
  • A Closing Team is essential to the success of out concessions event. The Closing Team is made up of 2 - 4 adults who are trained in closing procedures. One member of the Closing Team will come to THS toward the end of the game to coordinate the concessions workers in putting away all food, supplies, etc. and the cleanup of the concessions stand. (Being a member of the Closing Team is a GREAT way to COMPLETELY AVOID actually selling any hot dogs or nacho cheese!)
  • Concessions signup sheets will be posted Monday in the Band Room, with slots for 4 students and 2 parent-types for most games. The four league double-header games will have slots for 6 students.
Want to see the schedule, and maybe send in your shift request before next week? Check out the link on the sidebar, and then send an email to


Friday, November 23, 2012

Tonight's Football Pep Game

Playoff football at Hillsboro Stadium is just a few hours away, and we're coming to help our Tigard Tigers football team beat those Central Catholic Rams with lots of pep, pep, pep! Be aware, the forecast calls for 50 degrees and rain, so it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that all members dress warmly and in water-resistant clothing. We will probably be under cover, but we need to be prepared in case the wind blows the rain onto us.

The band room will be open at 5:15 for our 5:35 call time and the bus WILL leave at 5:45, so don't be late.

See you soon!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Playoff Football Continues!

The Tigard High football guys very handily defeated those Canby Cougars - yay! You know what THAT means:

Tigard vs. Central Catholic, 
at Hillsboro Stadium!

The next round will be played the day after Thanksgiving. All band members who are in town are asked to come and play pep for our boys. The game begins at 7pm, so call time will be 5:35pm, THS Band Room, Friday November 23. We'll bus over to Hillsboro Stadium and pep, pep, pep the night away!

If you can not be at the game, please email McKee. Otherwise, we will see you Friday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're Gonna Be on TV!

So here's the deal, folks: if our football boys beat Canby this Friday, the KATU High School Blitz will broadcast LIVE from Tigard High! And we'll be the in-house band!
  • Call time for the FB game is 6pm 
  • We'll play lots of pep and a couple of songs for the Tigerettes, TBD. Stay tuned for details.
  • Assuming the boys win, call time for the TV show is 11pm. Dress is blue jeans and pep shirts.
  • In between the game and TV, we'll do something great! Again, TBD.
  • KATU High School Blitz ends at midnight, and that's when we go home. Whew!
More details to come - watch this space!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Latin Night Information!

Are YOU involved with Latin Night tonight? If so, please park in the front of the school or in student parking. We are sharing the swim center parking lot with THS Girls' soccer, who are playing in the State Quarterfinals at 5pm - yay!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Football Playoffs Are Here!

Hey folks, it's time for football playoffs! This Friday, your Tigard Tiger Varsity team will take on the Reynolds Raiders and it's a black-out! So our pep outfits would be perfect - just sayin'. Including the Marching Ensemble. And please be aware, it's supposed to be MUCH colder than it has been lately. Friday's high temperature is expected to be only 48 degrees, and the low will dip down to 33 - so it will get COLD after the sun sets! Please dress accordingly.

Seniors, we will be recognizing you Friday, so you may want to wear silly hats so we know who you are!

Call time is 6pm for everyone - Pep Band and NWAPA Class A Champions alike...