Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Skyview Invitational - UPDATE!!

Skyview Invitational
Saturday March 1, 2014
3:30 pm           Load equipment truck – THS
7:30 am          Arrive THS – check for last-minute items/issues
7:45 am          Load up – leave
8:20 am          Arrive Skyview High School – unload truck. Warm up when set up
9:42 am          Ready area
9:52 am          Showtime!
10:15 am         Secure equipment and grab a snack
10:40 pm         In the stands, watching groups
11:00 am         Watch Summit! And OC-I!
11:25 am         Relax and eat some good, nutritious food you bring - or better yet, purchase from Skyview HS, our gracious hosts!. And get dressed
12:45 pm         Warm up – Area ??                                       
1:20ish pm           Transition
2:00ish pm           Ready area`
2:00ish pm           Showtime!
After              Change clothes, and gather gear
3:00 pm           Watch Summit - and OC-I!
3:30 pm           Awards!
4:00ish pm            Load quickly – head home!
5:00ish            Arrive THS – unload and go home!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tigard Winter Schedule

Date WG WDL Cadet
2/15/2014 RhythmFest    
  Winter Guard Premiere    
2/22/2014   EHS  
    Percussion Premiere  
3/1/2014 Skyview Colorguard     
3/8/2014 Astoria Winter  Astoria Winter  Astoria Winter 
  Showcase Showcase Showcase
  Astoria   Astoria   Astoria  
3/15/2014 Sherwood Winter  Sherwood Winter  Sherwood Winter 
  Show Show Show
3/22/2014 OCI Invitational OCI Invitational OCI Invitational
  McMinnville McMinnville McMinnville
4/5/2014   NWAPA Percussion NWAPA Percussion
    Championships Championships
    West Salem HS West Salem HS

Thursday, February 20, 2014

NWAPA Percussion Premiere @ Evergreen HS

NWAPA Percussion Premiere
Saturday February 22, 2014
5:30 pm           Load equipment truck – THS
7:40 am           Arrive THS – check for last-minute items/issues
8:00 am           Load bus – leave
8:50 am           Arrive Evergreen High School – unload trailer and set up garage (quickly!). Warm up when set up
10:20 am          Ready area
10:30 am          Clinic time!
11:00 am          Secure equipment and grab a snack
11:45 pm          In the stands, watching groups
2:30 pm           Watch OCI!
2:45ish            Relax and eat some good, nutritious food. And get dressed
3:15 pm           Warm up – Area ??                                       
4:10 pm           Transition
4:20 pm           Ready area`
4:30 pm           Showtime!
After              Load quickly – after loading, dinner! Food you bring - or better yet, purchase from Evergreen HS, our gracious hosts!
7:10 pm           Watch OCI!
7:30 pm           Awards!
8:00ish            Leave – head home
9:00ish            Arrive THS – unload and go home!

Directions to Evergreen High School
  • I-205 North across Glen Jackson Bridge to Exit 28 (Mill Plain Road Eastbound)
  • Drive East on Mill Plain – turn Left on 136th Avenue (becomes 138th Avenue)
  • Turn Right on NE 18th Street
  • Evergreen High School is on the Left
Remember, you come with the group, stay with the group,
and go home with the group. No going off-site for any purpose.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

RhythmFest - WE NEED HELP!

RF schedules are posted on the right. Note that adults are highlighted in GREEN and that holes that need to be filled by adults are highlighted in GREEN.
We are in serious need of people (adults and students) to work Indoor Security. This is our most pressing need. We also need a few adults at the Communication Center, and we could use a couple of additional Ticket people, later in the day. a few more students at Outdoor Security would be nice.

If you have not yet signed up, PLEASE email McKee right away and volunteer for a specific shift (or shifts). If you are already signed up, please consider volunteering for an additional shift.

  • Setup: Move supplies into position, post signs and posters throughout building and in the Gym, set up NWAPA circuit floor, remove door posts, etc
  • Cleanup: Replace door posts, collect and dump trash, pull and fold NWAPA circuit floor, remove posters and signs, etc
  • Indoor Security: Supervise Gym Entrance and Exit, Supervise Warmup And Warmup B
  • Outdoor Security: Parking Assistance (wearing orange vests!)
  • Unit Check-in: Greet Units as they arrive, provide staff passes and stamp participants, direct Units to assigned hallway areas
  • Tickets: Sell Individual and Family admissions and stamp wrists
  • Concessions: Serve and sell food
  • Communication Center: Provide information/directions, maintain THS sign-in sheets, coordinate first aid, etc