Sunday, September 25, 2016

Competition Week!

Want to know what's up?? Check it out:
  • Rehearsal this week is essential. Please do not come and talk to me about your need to miss rehearsal to study for a test, write a paper, eat dinner with your dad, take your driving test, or any other excuse. We have talked extensively about your need to manage your time so that your studies do not suffer because of Marching Band, and your rehearsal time doesn't suffer because you fall behind in your studies. And you have every other evening during the week to see your parents and do other non-band activities. 
  • Eat well this week. Protein, healthy carbs, good fats. Lots of water and minimal caffeine. NO SODA.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene and get a good amount each night. 
  • Keep the drama to a minimum. Hang out with people who help you be the best person you can be, and be good to those around you.
Take a look at our Saturday schedule on the sidebar, and make sure you share it with your family members and friends. Want to see the full PCI schedule? Click HERE.

Yay for Marching Band!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

What a Shocking Experience!

Wow. We certainly didn't expect to get preempted by lightening at rehearsal Wednesday - that kind of changed everything up for us. So here's what Friday evening will look like:
  • Friday is a Green-Out - we will participate
  • Call time is 6pm
  • Flexibility is the key word for Marching Band for Friday. We will go out onto the field and wait for the Sports Hall of Fame induction, and the actual length of the ceremony will determine how much of our show to present. Be ready for anything.
  • We will be in our traditional spot in the stadium. Sorry - that's how it is right now.
See you on Friday - Go Tigard!


Monday, September 19, 2016

It's A Busy Week!

This will be a full week for ALL band-types, and especially for MB-types. Here's what's up:
  • MB rehearsals Monday and Wednesday, 5-9pm. 
  • Pit Crew rehearsal Wednesday, 8:15pm.
  • FB Pep Friday, including (hopefully!) our new position with the rest of the student fans. Call time TBD.
  • Can and Bottle Drive door hanger distribution M-F. Make sure you know when YOUR shift is scheduled.
  • Can and Bottle Drive Saturday, beginning at 9am. Make sure you know when YOUR shift is scheduled.
Yay band!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Important Things For Everyone (Students and Parents Alike)

OK band friends, school has now started, and we're in full Marching Band mode! Here's what you need to know:
  • MB rehearsals are EVERY Monday and Wednesday 5-9pm, through the 1st week in November. Please DO NOT plan study sessions, birthday dinners, shopping trips, doctor's appointments, or anything else during MB rehearsal times. It is very important that EVERYONE is present at ALL rehearsals, every time.
  • We have 2 daytime MB rehearsals on the calendar - October 14 and October 21 (both no-school days). We will post rehearsal times soon, hopefully within the next week. The plan is to rehearse as early as we can access the field - 9am - 1pm would be ideal.
  • We have changed our competition schedule in October. We will not be traveling to Grants Pass for Pride of the Northwest competition this year. Instead, we will participate in the Southridge Spectacle of Sound at Hillsboro Stadium on October 22 - please make room for that on your calendar.
  • We have been extended a terrific honor - Linfield College has invited our entire band program to come out to McMinnville and work as their in-house pep band for their football game on October 15 (the previously scheduled Grants Pass date). Linfield is consistently one of the top NCAA Division 3 teams - currently they are ranked # 3 in the nation! They are very excited to have us come out and play for them, including presenting our field show for their halftime crowd.
    • Equipment trucks will be loaded after our daytime rehearsal on Friday October 14.
    • Call time Saturday morning will be 11am - buses will leave by 11:15.
    • We will be unloaded and ready to play pre-game pep by 1pm, including the SSB.
    • We will present our field show at halftime.
    • The Linfield folks will feed us pizza!! And, they're going to pay a $200 honorarium to our program - cool!
    • College games run approximately 3 hours, so we should be on the road headed home by 5pm.
    • Taking the PSAT that day? Make sure you bring your band things with you to the school that morning and we'll leave right after you're finished (or your parents can drive you out - talk with McKee if you choose that option).
Please, check the band calendar on the sidebar frequently. Everything band should be there.