Saturday, September 27, 2014

Here It Is - The First Competition Schedule of the Season!

Sunset Marching Classic
Saturday October 4, 2014

3:30 pm          Load truck – Pit/Flutes loading crew

9:00 am          Arrive THS in black pep tee, appropriate shorts/leggings/etc, black socks, and marching shoes (waterproofed and polished !!). Bring warm extra clothes!! And socks!!
9:05 am            Eat a nifty snack (thanks, Band Boosters!)  
9:20 am          Uniform up. Full uniform (minus shako) will be worn on the bus. Check for shako and instrument.
9:45 am            In the band room, dressed and ready !! Everyone, please use the toilet before we leave! Load the bus in order (seniors, drumline, auxiliary, jr, so, fr)
9:55 am            Leave
10:30 am           Arrive Hillsboro Stadium – unload very quickly. Large winds, pit, drumline, auxiliary to the truck
11:05 am           Line up w/ instruments ready to go to warm-up area
11:15 am – 12:35 pm   Warm-up
12:41 pm           Ready Gate
12:51 pm         Showtime !!
1:00 pm          Into stands to watch Southridge etc.
2:15 pm             Awards!
2:30 pm             Change your clothes – put your uniform away CAREFULLY! Stow your instrument correctly!    
2:45 pm             Eat linner!  (Hot linner may be purchased from the Band Boosters for $6 - what a deal!)       
3:30 pm          Get dressed
3:50 pm          Warm-up
5:?? pm          Ready Gate
5:?? pm             Showtime !!
5:?? pm          Change your clothes/load truck
After truck loading        Cheese! And dessert!
7:00 pm             Awards!!
8:00 pm          Arrive at THS – unload truck - go home!!

Directions to Hillsboro Stadium
·         Hwy. 26 west to Exit #62A  - Cornelius Pass/West Union Road
·         Veer right (south) onto Cornelius Pass Road - stay in right lane
·         Right onto Imbrie Dr. (stoplight /Chevron Station)
·         Right onto Evergreen Parkway (stoplight)
·         Right onto NW 229th Ave. (stoplight)

Remember, you come with the band, stay with the band,
and go home with the band. No going off-site for any purpose.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Parents and Other Adult-types!

Hello, THS Band Program adults!  It's time for a very important meeting - it's Band Booster meeting time!  Yay! 

The THS Band Boosters will be meeting TONIGHT at 7pm in the Tigard High Library. "But - but - McKee, I don't know - am I part of the THS Band Boosters?!?"

Well, that depends. Do you have a student in the THS Band Program? Are they in Jazz Band, or Jazz Lab, or Percussion Techniques, or Concert/Symphonic Band, or Wind Ensemble, or Color Guard, or Winter Guard, or Cadet Drumline, or Winter Drumline, or Marching Band? Then YES, you ARE a part of the THS Band Boosters! Fabulous!!

We need everyone to come to tonight's meeting, where we'll take a look at some very important things that may very well affect YOUR student. Please plan to be at the Tigard High Library tonight - the meeting begins at 7pm.

See you then!

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Very, Very, VERY Late Post!

Ever have one of THOSE weeks? Well, mine was this week. Long story short, I just now got to posting the information about TONIGHT'S football performances - arrggghhh!

OK, so here it is:
  • Call time for MB members is 5pm. We WILL be wearing full uniforms. Some of this will be given to you at school. The rest, you bring yourself.
    • Black calf-high (or higher) socks
    • Pep shirt
    • Light-weight shorts (soccer, basketball, track, spandex, etc)
    • Bib
    • Jacket
    • Marching shoes
    • Gloves
    • Shako
  •  Call time for pep is 6pm. Pep will be wearing the pep shirt and whatever pants Irving said are appropriate.
  • You MUST have the SSB memorized. By 6pm. No excuses. 
  • We will present standard pre-game (FS and SSB), appropriate pep throughout the game, MB show, Gimme Some Lovin' for the Tigerettes, more FS, more pep.
  • Parents will provide you with water throughout and snacks during 3rd quarter. Snacks are for eating. Snacks are not toys. (Never thought I'd have to say that, but there it is.)
  • We will have fun, because we are the band and band is fun. Yay!
  • After the game, we will march back to the band room, debrief, and go home. YAY!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Friday Performances - Here We Go!

All right, friends - it's time to show the school what we've got! Two performances in one day! Can we do it? You bet we can! Here's what you need to know:
  • Call time for the assembly is 8:30am. PLEASE let your 1st period teacher know at the beginning of class that you will need to be leaving. Mr Irving sent an email, but your teacher may not know you are part of us. Be polite.
  • Make sure you have your pep shirt. That is the uniform for tomorrow, and you don't perform out of uniform. Don't have a pep shirt? No worries - we will distribute shirts in the morning.
  • Yes, YOU MAY bring music and stands with you. But you must share - there is not room for everyone to have a stand. Gather around your friends who play the same instrument you do, and share. 
  • Call time for the football game is 6pm. PLEASE make sure you eat something reasonable between the end of school and 6. Protein and carbs will help you with good energy. Soda and "energy drinks" will leave you weaker and wobbly - stay away from those. 
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Friday will be hot, so make sure your body is prepared. Water is your best friend.
  • Pep shirt and reasonable (i.e. McKee-approved) shorts or pants will be the uniform. Shoes, not sandals. Yes, it's a neon-out. Neon tape, laces, etc WILL be approved. Please be tasteful.
Please note: we WILL present the Star Spangled Banner at both performances. It is the most important song you will perform, and MUST be done correctly. If you are still learning the SSB but do not know it fully, we ask you to be judicious in how you play. If there are notes about which you are unsure, that would be the place to "air" play your part. If you are confident, please play out.