Thursday, September 19, 2019

It's A Tropical-Out!

Here comes our first home football game of the 2019 season - yay! Here's the 411 everyone needs to know:
  • Marching Band call time is 5:30.
  • Pep call time is - uh - I'm not sure. Irving probably said, but I'm not sure. Let's say 6 pm, unless Irving said something different.
  • It's a Tropical-Out! So that means we will wear our *brand new* pep shirts, and we can add a Hawaiian shirt over the top, or a lei, or something in a similar festive tropical manner.
  • Marchers, Dylan says to wear "formal rehearsal gear" for our halftime performance. Meaning good athletic shoes, and dark blue or black loose jeans/leggings.
  • Please make sure to eat good protein and carbs before you come. It's a long evening, and you need to have fuel.
  • Be ready to pep, pep, pep as our team takes on those Canby Cougars!
Let's do this!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Thunder and Lightning and Rain - Oh My!

Wow - that rain did come down! And the thunder kept rumbling, so we moved inside - safety first, right?? 

Not what we envisioned for rehearsal tonight, but we still got some good things done, including great new choreo. And the forecast looks reasonable for Wednesday, so we'll get back at it with full ensemble on the field then.

We are at a place musically where we are doing pretty well, so now we need to work on the nuances of playing. Taking a breath where it won't disrupt the flow. Making sure all the accidentals are ALWAYS in the right places. Knowing the rhythms so well that we don't have to think about how they go, but just letting them flow. Feet always synced with the tempo. Performing the show, not just clomping through. And so on. What would YOU add to this list?

See you all Wednesday. Yay band!

CLICK HERE: Funnel Cloud Seen From Hillsboro Stadium 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Boy, Are We Tired!

Well, we're just finishing off the Wednesday evening rehearsal on the 1st day of school. And it's been a loooong day!

It is my experience that when tomorrow comes, many will be wiped out. That is very normal, because this was the first full day followed by full rehearsal. My advise? Don't panic! Instead, plan on an early evening Thursday and grab as much sleep as possible. Trust me - everyone will feel better on Friday.

Yay, band!