Friday, August 22, 2014


It's Day 10, of 10 - we've made it through Band Camp 2014!! Yay! So what should we do now? LET'S EAT!!! Hot dogs, beef burgers, and garden burgers will be provided. Can you help with food? See below...

The annual Band BBQ is tonight, at Tigard High. Be here by 6pm to hear some terrific musical selections from the THS Marching Ensemble, and some from the larger THS Band Program as a whole! And then we'll have great food, and everyone will get terrific information on what will be happening this year. The Band Booster treasurer will be here with complete Balloon Festival and Fireworks information (yay for Student Accounts!) and fees can be paid tonight - or arrangements made, if this falls at an awkward time in the pay period. Fee payment methods include any and all of the following:

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Student Account transfers
  • Credit 
So come on over - we'll see you tonight!

Bring food to help out! Last name beginning with
  • A-J bring salads, 
  • K-T bring fruits or veggies
  •  U-Z bring chips

Monday, August 18, 2014

Band Camp - Week Two!

Here we go - time for Band Camp, part Deux!

Last week, you learned about your left foot, marching strides, back marching (never heel-down!), PT, the importance of drinking water, Intro music, and 14 pages of drill. Whew!

This week, we're going to continue adding to that great beginning, so let's get going!

(And don't forget that $5 donation, so that you can watch McKee get an icy bath...)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Garage Sale Day One - In The Books!

Today was the first day of the 2014 THS Band Garage Sale, and we took in over $2500 - whoo hoo! Thanks to everyone who worked to make it such a great success!

Now we need to look to tomorrow. There WILL NOT be kids at marching band to help set up on Saturday - Band Camp Week One is over and there is no rehearsal tomorrow. So here's what we need:  
  • a good crew to set up at 7 (1 1/2 - 2 hours) 
  • folks to work the sale itself 
    • 9 - noon  
    • noon -3 
  • a take-down crew at 3 (1 - 1 1/2 hours). 
Where do YOU fit in? Michelle Woodworth is offering Sonic to all band kids who help set up and/or take down - yes! And EVERYONE (kids and adults) who helps on Saturday is welcome to come to a casual pool/BBQ party at McKee's house Monday after band camp (starting at 5:30ish). Considering that the forecast is for temperatures in the 90s, that sounds pretty good!!
Here's the list of people we know who are already committed to helping tomorrow. Will YOU join in?

Jo U
Lengyel 1
Lengyel 2
Reekie 1
Reekie 2
Nancy G
Karen I
Darlene E
Linda K
Jane F am
Carolyn D pm
Alan H
Alex S
Ed A am

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wow! Everyone Really Stepped Up!!

A great big "Thank you!!" from Michelle - the crews that showed up to price and sort today got it all done! Yay!

So, if you volunteered to work on Thursday, it's all finished and there's nothing for you to do.  Thanks  so much anyway.

We can definitely use more people on Friday and Saturday, so check the previous post and see where you might fit in.

Again, great thanks for stepping up. And see you at the sale!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sometimes I Have To Be Serious, and Direct

You all know me - friendly, excited, positive. I love teaching, and kids, and band. I have The. Best. Job. But there is one thing that frustrates, and that is the sad fact that our music program has alomst no District funding. And I spend so much of my time dealing with fundraising, just to make sure we can offer the complete range of band opportunities for YOUR students. So here's what's up, from me to you:

The big THS Band Garage Sale is scheduled for this week - Friday and Saturday, August 15 - 16. And we have a HUGE problem. Over half of what has been collected has not been sorted and priced. The reason? Not enough adult volunteers to do the work. And there are many excellent reasons to not volunteer to come on out, and the reasons don't matter. The fact is, we are not ready. If we can not get the sorting and pricing completed in the next two days, we will not be able to hold the sale. And if we don't hold the sale, we will have to decide what program(s) to cut, based on a $4500 decrease in revenue. It's that serious. No threat, just reality. Here's what we need and when we need it:
  • Wednesday 8/13 (Swim Center lot)
    • 8 adults 8am - noon
    • 8 adults 3 - 7pm
  • Thursday 8/14 (Swim Center lot)
    • 8 adults 8am - 1pm
    • 8 adults 5:30 - 8:30pm
  • Friday 8/15 (Tennis Court lot)
    • 20 adults beginning between 7 - 8am (Sale begins at 9) 
    • Band Camp kids between 7 - 8:30 - then they eat breakfast!
    • Other kids/adults during the day, to help with the Sale
  • Saturday 8/16 (Tennis Court lot)
    • 20 adults beginning between 7 - 8am (Sale begins at 9) 
    • Adults/kids during the day, to help with the Sale
So, we need YOU to make this a priority. Am I asking YOU to cancel something, so that you can help? Yes. Am I asking YOU to stretch your normal level of commitment, so that you can help? Yes.
Michelle Woodworth, Nancy Gray, and Kari Austin (among others) have already put in many hours, but they MUST have others to get this done. So, how and when can YOU help?
CLICK HERE to volunteer through email. I will list volunteers below, so that we can see how many more will be needed. Don't put us in the position of having to cancel.

Wed Wed PM Thurs AM Thurs PM
Diane S Ted M Nancy G Kari A
Cherie C Kurt A
Nancy G
Lisa B Nancy G
Darlene E
Nancy G
Marcia C
Lisa C
Will C

Linda K
Jane F
Marcia C
MacKenzie G

Carolyn D
Karen I

Melissa E
Jane F
Donna F

Fri Sat
Jackson G Jo U
Jason G Lengyel 1
Connor B Lengyel 2
Nick B Reekie 1
Nancy G Reekie 2
Karen I Nancy G
Linda K am Karen I
Jane F am Darlene E
Donna F am Linda K
Andrea B am Jane F am
Debbie Mc Carolyn D pm
Kari A am Alan H
Alan H Alex S
Juliann H
Becca McV
Pam S
Laurel S
Melissa P
Rick P
Lisa P
Eva P

Friday, August 8, 2014

Band Camp...Band Camp...Band Camp...

OK friends - there's only ONE WEEKEND between now and Band Camp! Wow! Maybe, like this cat, you've had some questions.
Here are some things to think about:

  • Monday's projected high temperature is 102 degrees. No, really. We will work diligently to keep you all as cool as possible. Your job is to hydrate very well this weekend, so that your tissues are nice and full of moisture before the week begins. The rule of thumb is this: if you wait to drink until you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated.
  • Get good sleep this weekend, and eat well. Marching Band is a very physical activity, and your body needs fuel!
  •  Make sure you what section you're in - it will make a difference as to when you will be rehearsing once the evening practices begin August 25. Horns/DL/Guard will all rehearse on Monday evenings, Pit will rehearse on Tuesday evenings, and the entire ensemble will rehearse on Wednesday evenings. Not sure where you fit? Here's how to tell:
    • If you spin it or toss it, you're in the Guard.
    • If you hit it while marching, you're in the Drumline.
    • If you hit it and don't march, you're in the Pit.
    • If it has a mouthpiece, you're in the Hornline.
  • Make sure you have good shoes for marching. Closed-toed is very important. No heels, no boots. Shorts are recommended, but not short-shorts. Jeans are a definite no-no - they restrict your movement too much. Tank tops are fine, as are tee-shirts. Guys do not rehearse shirtless and girls wear shirts over their sports bras - I know that's not how drum corps do it, but we are a public school and there is an expectation of appropriate dress.
  • Bring these things with you:
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottle
    • Snack food
    • Water bottle
    • Lunch 
    • Water bottle
    • Pencil
    • Water bottle
    • Instrument/equipment
    • Water bottle
  • Did I mention you need to hydrate, and bring a water bottle?
  • Fees can be paid any day of Band Camp, or at the All-Band Picnic on August 22. The Band Booster treasurers will be at the picnic to help with student account information and fee payment plans.
Anything you need to communicate with us? Send an email by CLICKING HERE

Band Camp is coming - it's gonna be EPIC!!!


Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm So Excited - I Just Can't Hide It!

Hey Band! (hey what?)
Band Camp begins ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! WHOO HOO!!
Here's what YOU need to do:
  • Enjoy the rest of your vacation this week - safely!
  • Start to turn around your sleeping schedule towards the end of the week
  • Hydrate! It's gonna be HOT HOT HOT!
  • Eat well
  • Locate your equipment and make sure it is all in good working order 
  • Check McKee's MB Calendar (on the sidebar) to see when YOU rehearse during the season
  • Check this site regularly - there will be important updates as we go through the week
Stay tuned...