Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time For Roomies!

Are YOU going on the Spring Band Trip? Then you need to choose your roommates! As we talked about at the Disney rehearsal last week, here are the rules:

  • Boys with boys, girls with girls.
  • Groups of 2 or groups of 4 are best. A group of 3 provides for difficulties. 
  • If you just don't have ANYONE that you can think of, you can offer to be placed with others - but please try to find another before you declare that you are a singleton.
  • Please understand that very little time will be spent at the hotel. It will be mostly a place to sleep, not a hang-out. So this isn't a big decision.
  • Make sure ALL members of your group are in agreement, BEFORE you submit your choice.
Once you have the agreement of your chosen group, email McKee with the names of each person in your group (including the name of the email sender).

Roommates MUST be chosen by Monday February 3 at 5pm. After that time, anyone who hasn't chosen will be placed by Irving and McKee - no arguments, no whining.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This Was A Google-Group Post, But Maybe You Didn't See It...

Are YOU an adult Booster-type who has helped with the THS Band Program lately? Auction? Balloon Fest? Fireworks? Garage Sale? Marching Band stuff? Jazz/Blues Night? Craft Fair? Chaperoning? Anything else I may not have mentioned?

CLICK HERE and send an email to receive a treat! (But hurry - this information expires after Thursday December 2!)