Thursday, February 25, 2016

WGI Regional at Skyview (Vancouver)

February  27, 2016

4 - 7 pm            Rehearsal - load floor after       

7:00 am            Arrive THS – hair/makeup etc
8:15 am            Load up – leave            
9:00 am            Arrive Skyview High School – unload truck. Warm up when set up
11:15 am          Transition                                                                      
11:30 am         Ready area
11:40 am         Showtime!
11:48 am         Help Evergreen!
Noon               Secure equipment and grab a snack
12:30 pm         In the stands, watching groups          
1:40 pm           Take a break – more snacks, maybe purchased from Skyview, our hosts
2:30 pm           Watch Open guards, including OC-I!
3:20 pm           Prelim awards
4:00 pm           Let’s get something to eat!
5:30ish pm      Warm up
6:45oish pm    Transition
7:?? pm           Ready area
7:?? pm           Showtime!
After               Change clothes, and gather gear
8:10 pm           Watch Open guards, including OC-I!
8:55 pm           Beaverton STARS!
9:15 pm           Awards!
9:30ish pm      Load up and head south      
10:30ish pm    Arrive THS – unload and go home!

**Evening schedule subject to change**    

REMEMBER, you come with the guard and stay with the guard. 
No going off site for any reason, with anyone but us.    

Directions to Skyview High School (Vancouver WA)

**Drive North on I-5 for approx. 24 miles into Washington – take the exit for NE 139th Street
**Turn LEFT and follow NE 139th approx.. 1 ½ miles – Skyview High School will be on the RIGHT

Sunday, February 21, 2016

THREE Big Events This Week!

Things are starting to heat up - here's what's happening:
  • GBX/BBX Concessions Tuesday 2/23. Workers include
    • Students - Don-E T, Zack R, Jarra J, Matthew W (shift begins at 4:30)
      Adults - Sarah T 
    • It's always helpful to have a 2nd adult. Could YOU help out?  No need to arrive by 4:30 - come when your schedule permits. CLICK HERE to email McKee, to volunteer.
  • Disney Trip Rehearsal Wednesday 2/24. Right after school, for 1 hour. ALL Disney Spring Break Trip musicians. Please note: don't give excuses about not attending - if you can make time to come on the trip, you can make time to come to rehearsal. Period.
  • WG/WDL Parent/Musician Meeting Wednesday 2/24. 8pm, THS Cafeteria. Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Our first competitions away from THS are this weekend - let's get all the information to everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Week Without Basketball Concessions?? Well, How About Some Disney Information?

No concessions for us this week - the teams are away until 2/23. But there is some information you need:
  • The Band Booster meeting scheduled for Wednesday 2/17 has been cancelled. We'll get together next month.
  • Next month's Band Booster meeting will be TUESDAY 3/8 (note the change) and is the MANDATORY DISNEY MEETING. Students going on the trip MUST ATTEND. An adult from the family also MUST ATTEND. There are no exceptions to this.
  • The February Disney payment is due this week. Not sure about when/how to pay? Check out the money webpage with all the details by clicking HERE.
  • Want to order Disney tickets through the Band? Check out the Tag-alongs webpage with all the details by clicking HERE.
  • We have added three concessions opportunities to the GBX/BBX calendar, with a possible 4th. The dates are Tues. March 1, Wed. March 2, Fri. March 4, and Sat. March 5 (tentative). These are state playoff games and we will need at least 1 adult at each of these events. Please email McKee to sign up.
  • There is a great opportunity for those signed up for Solo and Ensemble Contest to perform before an audience prior to the contest. Music Is For Life is a concert offered by the Tualatin Valley Community Band each year at this time, to provide that live-audience experience to contest participants. The date is Tuesday evening February 23, at the Tualatin High School Auditorium (sorry, THS was not available). Want to participate? see Irving or McKee for details!
That's all for now! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Concessions Tuesday 2/9 and Friday 2/12 - ADULTS NEEDED FRIDAY!

Hi friends - here's what's happening in concessions this week. PLEASE NOTE: .at least one adult is needed for this Friday. Please sign up!

  • Tuesday 2/7 - see you at 5 pm
    • Students - Julia P, Matthew W, Will C, Leah S 
    • Adults - Andrea B
  • Friday 2/12 - see you at 4:30 pm
    • Students - Makenzie D, Miguel N, Jacob R, Amanda P 
    • Adults - ??, ?? (Adults ok at 5pm)

Let's feed that hungry basketball crowd!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


OK friends, the RhythmFest schedules are posted on the sidebar. Please take a look, not only at the jobs and times for which you are scheduled, but also at how many shifts are still unscheduled. The spots that still need filling are marked in RED. Many, many student spots for Indoor Security. And a handful of other jobs, but the Indoor Security jobs are the most essential.

If YOU can add some jobs to your day, please Email McKee Right Now and we'll get you signed up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Concessions Tuesday February 2

Here's what the crew looks like for today:
  • Students - Annika S, Carolyn S, Katy J, Leah S
  • Adult - Terri C
See you all at 5pm!