Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hey Band! (hey, what?)

Let's forget that whole "black shirt, blue jeans" thing for Homecoming and go with the theme of the week - it's a Neon Out!

For both the parade, and for the game, we're going neon!

For all other Homecoming information, please refer to the previous post.

Pass the word...

Homecoming Is Friday!

Homecoming is here! Here's what's happening with the THS Band this Friday:
  • Friday
    • 3:45 pm - Homecoming Parade call time (Band Room)
      • Pep shirt, blue jeans
      • Parade route: Durham Road, Haggen parking lot to THS 
      • Twality and Fowler band students will join us at Haggen
    • 5:30ish - Dinner in the Commons, with our Twality and Fowler guests
    • 6:15ish - Marching Band warm-up in full uniform
    • 6:45 - All band folks head into the THS Stadium for pre-game FS and Banner
    • 7 - 9:30ish - Homecoming FB vs Newberg - pep with the young ones
    • 8:00ish - Fabulous MB halftime show!
    • More pep, pep, pep!
    • 9:30ish - Play Celebration!
    • After - Head upstairs, meet with Irving and McKee, and head home

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hurry - Time Is Almost Up!

Do YOU want to go on the Spring performance tour to California? If so, you MUST turn in your deposit (or make arrangements) NO LATER THAN FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25!

Irving and McKee need to be able to see what our instrumentation looks like, and they need to do it right away. So, if you haven't turned in your deposit to secure your spot, contact McKee RIGHT AWAY, to make sure you aren't left off the list.

Friday, September 18, 2015

KATU High School Blitz Information!

Hey Band! (hey what?)

Coming to Band Movie Night? 

**Doors open at 9pm
**There will be pizza
**Only the band room will be occupied – 
no hanging out anywhere else
**Only appropriate, G-rated behavior 
(standards as measured by Irving and McKee)
**Check in and out for the restroom 
with the band parents
**Wait to hear from McKee to find out 
if we’ll be on live TV
**If we're on TV, 
**Make sure you wear your pep shirt!
NOT coming to Band Movie Night,
but want to be on TV? 

*Call time is 11pm
*TV show goes live at 11:35pm
*Show ends at midnight
**Make sure you wear your pep shirt
**Yay Band!**

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Much To Know!

Here is some crucial information for you to know this week:

  • Want to go on the Disney trip in the Spring? You MUST reserve your space by paying $50 this week. The preferred way to pay is at the Band Booster meeting on Wednesday - cash, check, credit, and debit all accepted. DO NOT pay the THS Bookkeeper. DO NOT put your money in the black box. If you can not pay Wednesday evening, please send an email to McKee to make arrangements. Click on the link ---> (Paid at the picnic? You're in!)
  • Band Booster meeting Wednesday, 7pm, Tigard High Library. Very important for all adults of band kids. Several crucial things to discuss. Please come.
  • KATU has chosen the Tigard/Sherwood football game as their featured game this week, and they will be broadcasting their "High School Blitz" live from the gym of the winning school. Since the game is AT Sherwood, we will be updating band kids via social media, texts, etc throughout the game. If Tigard wins, we'll play for the show on live TV!
    • Call time will be 11pm at the Band Room
    • Show begins at 11:35pm - ends at midnight
    • Do you have to come? No. Is it fun to play for live TV? YES!
    • Parents are welcome to hang out in the gym and watch
    • Pep shirts, please!
    • There MAY be a movie night in the Band Room earlier that  evening, so that kids can already be on site if they wish. And pizza!! More will be decided at the Band Booster meeting Wednesday evening - stay tuned!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

First MB Performance - Yay!

OK, here we go! Friday September 11 is the Tigard vs. Beaverton football game, and the first public performance of the THS MB show "Now!" - yay! Here are the details:
  • Dress is pep shirt and jeans
  • Call time for MB is 5:30 (regular pep call is 6pm)
  • Please make sure to eat well and hydrate - being well-nourished and hydrated is essential to a strong performance
  • Make sure to go over Wednesday's video and rehearse what you can do to make the performance as good as you can
  • Come ready to have a great evening!
Go Tigard!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Let's Do This!

OK friends - we have liftoff! There are enough musicians signed up to be able to pep for our FB boys Friday, so we're going to do it. Here's what you need to know:
  • 6pm call time - THS Band Room
  • Temperatures will be in the mid- to low-60s during the game, so dress accordingly
  • Please bring your pep packet, if you have it
  • Be ready to have fun!
We may be joined by an alum or two, so please be welcoming to them.

See you at 6!