Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Important Disney Traveler Information

Please make sure ALL Disney travelers are reminded:

1. We have our final MANDATORY Disney rehearsal Wednesday at 3pm. We plan to rehearse from 3-5, and then pack up all school instruments that are going. (BTW, don't tell me you didn't know about it - it's been on the calendar for months. Really. And I truly don't care if it interferes with your job.)

2. Your uniform gets packed in YOUR luggage. Therefore, you MUST get it at rehearsal on Wednesday, unless you already have it. Otherwise, you will be very cold. And naked.

3. You are responsible to get to Portland International Airport between 8:30 and 9am Thursday morning. Be aware that you will be traveling during rushhour traffic and plan accordingly. It is imperative that you are not late.

4. You are also responsible to get home from Portland International Airport on Monday evening. If you will be picked up by an adult other than YOUR parent/guardian, Irving and McKee MUST have a written permission slip from YOUR parent/guardian. We can not release you to another student, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Full THS Schedule, with Dinner Plans!

Sherwood Winter Showcase
Saturday March 15, 2014

2:00 pm           Load equipment truck – THS
Saturday - WG
8:00 am           Guard arrive THS – check for last-minute items/issues
8:15 am           Carpool to Sherwood
8:30 am           Arrive Sherwood High School – unload floor
9:36 am           Body warmup
9:48 am           Equipment warmup
10:00 am          Ready area
10:06 am          Show time!
10:15 am          Secure equipment and grab a snack
10:30 am          Help Century
10:45 am          Head out for lunch with McKee!
12:30 pm          Back at SHS – get ready for Finals
1:00ish            Body warmup         
1:10ish            Equipment warmup
1:30ish            Show time!
2:20 pm           Awards!
Saturday – WDL and Cadet                     
12:15 pm          Arrive THS – check for last-minute issues
12:45 pm          Leave THS
1:00 pm           Arrive SHS – unload quickly
1:20ish            In stands to watch THS WG
1:45ish            Begin warmups
2:20 pm           WG awards!
2:30 pm           Continue warmups
3:00 pm                Ready area - Cadet         
3:10 pm           Cadet show time!
3:30 pm           Ready area - WDL
3:40 pm           WDL show time!
3:55 pm           Secure equipment and uniforms
4:20 pm           In the stands, watching drumlines 
5:10 pm               Dinner! Buy a FABULOUS Taco Bar dinner from the Boosters for only $6 - what a deal!!
6:10 pm           Watch OCI!
6:20 pm           Break
6:30 pm                Cadet warmups
7:30ish            Cadet show time!
8:00 pm           WDL warmups
9:00ish            WDL show time!
After              Load quickly – after loading, snacks!
10:40 pm          Watch OCI!
11:00 pm          Awards!
11:15ish           Leave – head home
11:30ish           Arrive THS – unload and go home!

Directions to Sherwood High School
  • Travel on Highway 99 Southwest from Durham Rd approx. 4.5 miles past Kohl’s etc.
  • Turn Left on Meinecke Road
  • At traffic circle take 2nd Exit
  • Sherwood High School is on the Right
Remember, you come with the group, stay with the group,

and go home with the group. No going off-site for any purpose.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Time For The Rose Garden - oops - Moda Center!!

Our fabulous basketball girls will be playing in the Quarterfinals of the OSAA State Basketball Tournament at the Moda Center this Wednesday March 12 - yay! And we'll be there, to pep, pep, pep them on their way! 
Call time is 6:15, and we will leave THS at 7pm. Tigard will play against the Oregon City Pioneers in the premiere evening game, with tipoff at 8:15. 
Dress is pep and jeans.
More information from Irving in class!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Astoria Winter Showcase!

Astoria Winter Showcase
Saturday March 8, 2014
3:30 pm           Load equipment truck – THS
6:40 am           Arrive THS – check for last-minute items/issues/loading
7:00 am           Load bus – leave
9:30 am           Arrive Astoria High School – unload trailer – WDL/Cadet set up garage (quickly!).
10:50 am          WG - ready area
11:00 am          Showtime!
11:15 am          WG secure equipment – head to the stands
11:50 pm          Watch OC-I!
12:20 pm              Cadet/WDL ready area
12:30 pm              Cadet showtime!
12:40 pm              WDL showtime!
1:00 pm           Watch OCI!
2:30 – 40 pm     WG showtime!
3:20 pm           Watch OC-I!
3:50-4:00 pm     Cadet showtime!
4:20ish pm        WDL showtime!    
4:30 pm           Watch OCI!         
5:00 pm           Awards!
After              Load quickly
5:30ish??          Leave – head home (Dinner TBD)
8:30ish ??         Arrive THS – unload and go home!

Directions to Astoria High School (1001 W Marine Drive, Astoria OR)
  • OR Hwy 217 Northbound approx. 6 miles
  • US Hwy 26 Westbound – travel approx. 68 miles
  • Take ramp to OR Hwy 101 Northbound – travel approx. 19 miles
  • At the traffic circle,take the 1st exit onto W. Marine Drive
  • Astoria High School is on the Left
Remember, you come with the group, stay with the group,
and go home with the group. No going off-site for any purpose.
Concessions Menu
Items available starting at lunch break (until sold out):
**Pulled Pork Sandwich, potato salad, mixed green salad $5.00
**Turkey Wrap, potato salad, mixed green salad $5.00
**Veggie Wrap, potato salad, mixed green salad $5.00
**Cheese Pizza by the slice $3.00
Items available all day:
**Hot Dog $2.00
**Popcorn $1.00
**Fruit (Apple slices or Banana) $1.00
**Granola Bar $1.00
**Candy $1.00
**Cookie $1.00
**Drinks (water, soda, Gatorade) $1.00
**Coffee $1.00

Visa and Mastercard accepted with a 2.75% transaction fee.