Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Here We Go - Last Competition of the Season!

NWAPA Winter Championships at West Salem!
Saturday April 4, 2015

6:30 pm                                Load floor into car – THS

8:30 am                                WG arrive at THS – check for last minute items/issues
9:00 am                                Load bus – leave THS
9:45 pm                                Arrive West Salem – unload floor
10:00 am                              Meet Jeff/Tippy – do the things with the things
11:57 am                              Warm-up B
12:11 pm                              Transition
12:21 pm                              WG Showtime!
1:40 pm                                Watch OC-I
2:00 pm                                Lunch break – will coordinate with Donna L
4:00ish                                  Do more things with the things
5:??                                        WG Showtime!
6:00ish                                  Snacks! And pack up!
6:40 pm                                Watch Beaverton STARS and OC-I
7:10 pm                                WG Awards! Full retreat!
7:45 pm                                Complete packing up
8:00ish                                  Leave – head home
9:00ish                                  Arrive THS – unload and go home!                         

Directions to West Salem High School:
·         I-5 Southbound – travel 31 miles to Exit 260A (OR 99E/Salem Parkway)
·         Travel  5 miles (OR 99E becomes Commercial Street NE)
·         Turn RIGHT on Marion Street/OR 22 – cross Willamette on Marion Street Bridge
·         Take ramp toward West Salem/Dayton – bear RIGHT onto Wallace Road NW
·         Travel  .4 miles – turn LEFT onto Glen Creek Road NW
·         Travel 1.6 miles – turn RIGHT onto Doaks Ferry Road NW
·         Travel .4 miles – West Salem High School is on the LEFT

Friday, March 27, 2015

NWAPA Championships! Plus, a Pageant of Dreams...

Here it is - championship weekend for all drumlines! And while we're at it, a nice evening of pageantry for the best guards around. Make sure to check out the two schedules on the sidebar to find out who needs to be where, and when. And have a great weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Look What's New!! UPDATE!!

Hey Band!! (hey what??)

The Sherwood Cadet show and the NWAPA Percussion Championship Show schedules are posted - just look on the sidebar! The NWAPA Winterguard Show is coming next, right here for everyone to see! Yay!


Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Skyview Percussion Invitational! Now With Directions, and Updated Times...

Skyview Percussion Invitational

Saturday March 7, 2015
(please excuse the odd formatting...)


12:15 pm          Load truck

1:15 pm            Load bus - leave

2:00 pm            Arrive Skyview High – unload quickly and set up. Begin warmups ASAP

4:20 pm            Ready area

4:30 pm            WDL Showtime!

4:50 pm            Secure equipment – head back to the stands to    watch groups

5:30 pm            Watch OCI !

6:00 pm            Eat some good, nutritious food – food you bring, or purchase from our good friends at Skyview

After                 More warmups

8:?? pm            WDL Showtime!

After                 Load quickly – afterward, a quick snack!

9:30 pm            Watch OCI – again!

10:00 pm          Awards!

10:15 pm          Leave – head home

11:00 pm          Arrive THS – GO HOME! No hanging out!!


In class             Unload equipment

Always travel in groups of three or more.
Remember, you come with the group, 
stay with the group, and go home with the group.
No going off site for any purpose. 


I-5 North approx. 23 1/2 miles, traveling from OR into WA
Take Exit 7  - turn LEFT onto NE 134th Street
NE 134th becomes NE Tenney - travel approx. 1/2 mile
Bear LEFT onto 139th Street - travel < 1 mile
Skyview High School  is on the right

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Roars In!

March is here, and with it comes basketball playoffs, the Twality Musical, Music Is For Life concert at TuHS, Solo/Ensemble Contest on Saturday, and Skyview Percussion Invitational on Saturday. What does this have to do with us? Let me count the ways:
  • We will pep at GBX playoffs this Wednesday - including pizza for all (yay!) at 4:15, with warmup afterward. Game time is 5:30 and should be done 7:30ish.
  • We will sell concessions to the GBX playoff patrons. So far the workers are:
  • The Twality Musical kids have the cafeteria all days, all times this week. So we will be searching' for rehearsal space.  So far we look good for some gym time on Tuesday and Thursday for WDL - still working on WG space for Wednesday. More to come.
  • Music Is For Life is the concert presented every Spring by Tualatin Valley Community Band to provide the opportunity for middle and high school musicians from TTSD to be able to perform their S/E Contest piece for a live audience prior to going to S/E. The Concert is Tuesday 3/3 at 7pm, at the TuHS Auditorium. There is no admission charge, so come on down and support your peers who are performing!

  • Solo/Ensemble Contest is this Saturday at West Linn High School. See Irving if you don't know your performance time.
  • The Skyview Percussion Invitational was added to our performance schedule when the S/E schedule was (finally) made public and we saw that WDL performers would be finished in time to compete in the contest in Vancouver that evening. Our Skyview schedule will be published by the end of the day Tuesday - watch this space for details.
Whew - that's a lot! Want to know more? Check back - more details as they become available!