Friday, January 11, 2019

Everyone Is Selling Ads!

Hey Band! (hey, what??)

As we talked about at the end of pep on Friday, we have an unanticipated expense that has come up in getting ready for RhythmFest, so to offset the cost, we need EVERY. SINGLE. BAND. MEMBER. to sell $20 worth of ads for the RhythmFest program. Here's a sample script for you to follow, when you talk to people at businesses etc about purchasing an ad:

Hi! I'm with the Tigard High Band program, and we are hosting a music festival competition on February 2. We hand out programs to everyone who comes, and I am hoping you would consider buying an ad in our program. It will be seen by over 1000 people from our area. Ad prices are very reasonable, starting with a business card size for only $20. (Show them the form, and make sure they see the information on how to submit their ad copy)

(If they say yes, say) Thank you so much! (Make sure they take a copy of the ad form)

If they say no, say) Thank you for taking time to talk with me. Have a nice day.

Let's do this!!

PS - Your parents can help too! 

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