Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What A Season!

That was so fun! And now it's time to perform it one last time, before we put it to bed. Here are the details:
  • Yes, this is a required performance - we need the full ensemble, to make the show complete
  • Call time is 5:30 pm, Friday 11/2
  • Yes, full uniform
  • Yes, we'll do the full show
  • And pep for the FB team in the 1st round of playoffs
And make sure to mark your calendar - we will celebrate our season at the November Band Booster meeting on Wednesday November 14 (7pm, THS Library)

Oh, and for those who want information on WDL and WG Try-It-Outs, give your staff a couple of weeks to catch our collective breaths. There will be plenty of information coming your way at the November meeting.


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