Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Thinking About Fall MB - UPDATED

Hi folks -

Hope your summer is going well and you are getting a good balance between rest and excitement. Your staff is working on the Fall 2019 Marching Band show, and we need to touch base regarding members. We've compiled a list from Try-It-Outs and from those who talked with us about participating this year, but we know that there are others who are not listed here.
Please take a look at the list and CLICK HERE to shoot an email to McKee regarding additions and/or corrections.

And look on the sidebar for MB updates!

First Name  Initial Equip Notes
Caleb G Alto
Hayley H Alto
Thomas T Alto
Jakob S Bar
Cass W Bari Sax
Miriam H-P BD
Emily W BD
Olive A Cl
Shelby C Cl
Claire D Cl
Zander M Cl
Luc T Cl
Carly W Cl
Francesco L Cont
Natalie S DM 
Ash B Fl
Eland M Fl
Katie P Fl
Gabriel T Mello
Brittain B Mello
Harrison T Mello
Ginger A Pit Mallets
Emmie B Pit Mallets
Kaitlyn B Pit Mallets
Hannah D Pit Synth
Brandon J Pit G
Noah W Pit BG
Jackson A Quads
Lukas B Snare
JT G Snare
Skylar S Snare
Trinity H Tr
Johnny H Tr
Shay K Tr
Braden K Tr
Jenifer P Tr
Marta B ZG
Bella F ZG
Ian H ZG
Madison H ZG
Abigail Mc ZG
Tianna T ZG

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