Everything You Need To Know About Marching Band Shows!

Spectator’s Guide to Competitive Marching Band

Marching band is a fascinating and competitive event. If you are a rookie (parent or marcher!), marching band competitions may be confusing. Here is a brief guide to help explain how marching band is judged and scored.
The classification of each band is based on the total membership performing (not on school size). Bands must compete in their designate class based on member size or choose the option to compete in Open competition. In Prelim/Finals format shows, the above classification will apply to the Prelims competition, with all bands selected for Finals competing in Open class. The classes will be divided as: 
·         AAA Class – 90 or more members
·         AA Class – 61 - 89 members
·         A Class – 60 or fewer members
·         EXHIBITION - Bands of any size who wish to receive judges’ comments only.
Bands are judged on their overall performance in a variety of categories. Categories are weighted with the highest possible total score being 100 points. Preliminary and Final scores are separate. The performance schedule at each competition follows a general pattern.  There is a morning/afternoon Preliminary Round and evening Finals Round. Preliminary performance times are drawn at random within classes, and there is also a draw for class order for each competition. The judges do not compare Tigard with, say, West Salem (AAA Class), but we are judged against a pre-established grid of performance descriptions:
Music                          20
Visual                          20
Individual                    10
Ensemble                    10
Percussion                   10
Individual                    10
Ensemble                    10
Color Guard                10

TOTAL                         100

Prelims can start as early as 8am and end around 3pm. Finals often begin around 5pm and often end between 9 and 11pm, with awards and trophies presented at the end of Finals.


Dress for weather; it is Oregon, after all. Think layers. A blanket, rain gear and a soft cushion will come in handy. Extra warm and dry clothes, shoes, and socks do not take up much room in the trunk and often the kids will come looking for relief from the cold.  Bring money to cover your entry fees, usually $15/adults $10/students/seniors. There are sometimes up to 10 tickets available at a discounted fee of $7.50; please see McKee ahead of time if you are interested in purchasing.

Food is available at the concession stand or you may bring your own. You can also join the kids at Camp Tigard for a wonderfully prepared meal at our Chuck Wagon. We have been given a donation to cover the cost of the meal for marchers for the 2019 season. The cost for non-marchers is $6.

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