Winter Drumline and Winter Guard Season Expectations

Winter Drumline and Winter Guard Season Expectations

(Students and Parent-Types)

Welcome to Winter Marching Season 2019! We are so excited for this season - wait until you see what we have in store this year! 

As with every “team” activity, there is a participation expectation that comes with involvement. Here is what we need from you:

1.     Be ready to begin when rehearsal time begins. That means arriving early enough that you can take care of whatever needs to be done with your equipment, supplies, body, etc. in order to start on time.

2.     Attend all rehearsals and performances, unless there is a bonafide emergency.  Develop the habit of looking at least 1 – 2 weeks ahead at your responsibilities for classes, family, guard, and other important things in your life, and making schedules, lists, etc. to keep everything in balance. This way, you will not stress out and panic, and you will enjoy guard and life in general. 

3.     Please understand that Winter Marching Season is a 13-week commitment. Parents, we ask that you not use the threat of removing your student from the program as a consequence or a motivation to get them to engage in desirable behavior. Because of the nature of the activity, once we begin working on music and drill, if someone leaves prematurely, it hurts the entire ensemble. Again, the suggestions in #2 above will help students not only balance out Winter Marching Season with grades and other things, but will help develop lifelong healthy habits for a good life.

4.     We hire our staff and base our budget on the number of students in the ensemble.  We ask that students commit to the activity by the 12th of January. Students who chose to leave the activity after the 2nd week in January will still be responsible for paying their fee in its entirety, along with a re-design fee. (Cadet students must commit by the end of the 3rd week in January).

Thanks for being a part of the 2019 THS Winter Marching Season!

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