February 9. 2019

Percussion Premiere at Glencoe High School
Saturday February 9, 2019

10:00 am         Arrive THS – load truck
11:20 am          Load bus - leave
12:00 pm          Arrive Glencoe High – unload quickly and set up. Warm up when set
1:20 pm            Ready area
1:30 pm            Showtime!
2:00 pm            Return to camp – secure instruments and grab a quick snack
2:30 pm            In stands watching groups
3:45 pm            Eat some good, nutritious food – food you bring, or a terrific meal purchased from our good friends at Glencoe!
4:45 pm            Warm up for our evening performance
5:40 pm            Ready area
5:50 pm            Showtime!
After                 Load quickly – Mr Gile is in charge of this. Afterward, a quick snack, and back to the stands!
8:00 pm            Awards!
8:30 pm            Leave – head home
9:00 pm            Arrive THS – unload and head home
Directions to Glencoe:
·        Follow OR Hwy 217 North to US Hwy 26 – head WEST
·        Follow Hwy 26 approx. 16 miles to Exit 59/Jackson School Road
·        Turn LEFT onto Jackson School Road – travel approx. 1 ½ miles to Evergreen Road
·        Turn RIGHT onto Evergreen – travel 1 + miles to Glencoe Road
·       Turn LEFT onto Glencoe Road – Glencoe High School is on the LEFT

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