Smart Band Students

Smart band students will be well-prepared for competitions by doing the following:
1.      Drink plenty of water! Especially during the week prior.
2.     Get some good sleep.
3.     Take some vitamins.
4.     Eat healthily – protein; carbs; non-caffeinated, non-sugary, non-carbonated drinks; fruit; veggies.
5.     Drink more water!
6.     Go to bed Friday and get some sleep!
7.     Bring healthy snacks/lunch – nuts, yogurt, cheese and crackers, sandwich, etc. Maybe some hummus. Or tuna. Or yogurt-covered pretzels.
8.     Did I mention water?
9.     Bring extra warm and dry clothing! It could be chilly and damp.
10.   Bring extra socks!

Polite and responsible band students will do the following while at competitions:
1.      Keep your possessions (i.e. uniform, instrument, backpack, etc) tidy and together – in the appropriate place!
2.     Assist when asked.
3.     Express gratitude to the adults (parents and others) who help make this all happen.
4.     Place all refuse – water bottles, plates and cups, trash, etc –into trash containers.
5.     Spend time in the stands, or at the pit truck during meal times – not wandering about or in other places.
6.     Actually read this list. If you do, tell McKee, and you might get a treat. Perhaps a mini-candy bar. Or hummus. Or tuna. Or yogurt-covered pretzels.
7.     Go about in groups of 3 or more – no lone rangers or couples. Including super-sophisticated percussionists who may feel they are too cool to need rules. Cadet groups of 3, and WDL groups of 3. Or bigger groups.
8.     Act appropriately with significant others and toward all people – do not cause those around you to feel uncomfortable with your actions
9.     Cheer on all other bands, and be a positive “billboard” for Tigard High School.
10.   Leave the bus clean and tidy, with windows fully closed.

Remember, you come with the band, stay with the band,
and go home with the band. No going off-site for any purpose.

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